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an infinite collection of points

Icons by odalisque
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Here is where I post all my icons. You can take some if you want, you just have to follow the rules.

1. You must put 'viresse_icons' or 'odalisque' in your keyword or comments or credit in your info. I really appreciate credit.
2. Textless icons are not bases. I will add text to an icon if you want. Don't edit the icons.
3. Comment if you are taking an icon, and say which icon you're taking.
4. If you want to use my icons on GreatestJournal, go right ahead! Just credit the user codpiece or viresse_icons. If you would like to use them on Caleida, credit spectre.

Thanks! :) My journal is odalisque, formerly _cankerblossom.

2nd at neutral_zone [Icon] [Banner]
2nd at neutral_zone [Icon] [Banner]
1st at neutral_zone [Icon] [Banner]
1st at voy_stillness [Icon] [Banner]
1st at voycons [Icon] [Banner]
2nd at voy_stillness [Icon]
3rd at voy_stillness [Icon]
3rd at voycons [Icon]
3rd at ds9_stillness [Icon]

[Some of the] DVD's I OWN
Let me know if you would like me to cap/icon any of those!

RESOURCES - Brushes/Gradients/Etc

Icons are generally x-posted to trekicons, trekikons, and icons4trekkies.

anne of green gables, arachnia, b'elanna torres, bad icons, benny and joon, beverly crusher, billy flynn, billy flynn/roxie hart, billy/roxie, borg, capping, captain archer, captain proton, cate blanchett, chicago the movie, christine chapel, colin firth, connie and carla, dax, deep space nine, doctor/seven, ds9, finding neverland, gabriel koerner, garak, gone with the wind, harry potter, icon making, icons, importance of being earnest, irish dance, jadzia dax, janeway as arachnia, janeway/chakotay, jason isaacs, jean-luc picard, jeri ryan, john william waterhouse, johnny depp, julian bashir, julian/jadzia, kate mulgrew, kate winslet, kathryn janeway, kira/odo, lord of the rings, miles o'brien, morn, much ado about nothing, paris/torres, picard/crusher, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, riker/troi, roxann dawson, roxie, roxie hart, screencapping, screencaps, sev trek, seven of nine, spock, star trek, star trek voyager, star trek: ds9, star trek: tng, star trek: tos, star trek: voy, star trek: voyager, teen girl squad, the decemberists, the next generation, tng, trekkies, trekkies 2, voyager, waiting for guffman, wayne's world, worf/jadzia